Friday, March 10, 2017



After it snowed again yesterday from Noon until Midnight, we had to shovel slushy, heavy snow.

Made hubby latte & breakfast sandwich.

Then I gave the dogs ham, Bud got his painkiller.

Hugged hubby goodbye. He left for work.

I did laundry and dishes.

Then started working on Taxes & Accounting.

Got ready for my nail appointment.

Picked up latte at Starbucks. Drove to appointment at 12:00. Tracey was running late.

Got my nails & toes done.

Drove back home.

Started working on Taxes & Accounting.

Hubby got home at 6PM after stopping at Walmart to get his oil changed on his Dually for the trip this weekend.

He brought bagels & milk from Walmart.

We watched TV. I was exhausted. We went to bed at 10PM after he emptied kitty litter.

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